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Resort's information form for promoting your rooms on Sihanoukville Tourism portal.

Resort information form
Sihanoukville Tourism is a portal that gives all information needed to the tourists who want to visit Siahnoukville.

In Siahnoukville Tourism portal, the tourists can book rooms of your resorts, and you don’t have to pay commission. This is a free service that we offer to you.

Please, fill the form in this page for giving us all the information which is essential to promote your rooms on Siahnoukville Tourism portal:

9. Breckfast included?
<b>9. Breckfast included?</b>

10a. Room rates high season:

11a. Room rate low season

14. Facility:
<b>14. Facility:</b>

more info
16. Distribution (which tools you use):
Distribution (which tools you use):


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